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Wound Ulcers services offered in Paris and Sulphur Springs, Sulphur Springs, TX

Wounds and ulcers require a special kind of care, particularly if you have a chronic condition like diabetes that makes healing difficult. At Paris Foot & Ankle Clinic, Michael Lenertz, DPM, offers customized care for wound ulcers, based on your condition and its causes. To schedule a consultation, call the Paris Foot & Ankle Clinic office in Paris, Texas, or use the online booking page today.

Wound Ulcers Q & A

What are wound ulcers?

Wounds and ulcers are two different versions of the same issue. Wounds are injuries that cut, scrape, scratch, puncture, or otherwise create an opening in the skin. Nearly everyone experiences a minor wound at some point, and in most cases, wounds heal quickly on their own. 

However, some people have difficulty healing because of an underlying disease, health complications, or other issues. In those cases, the non-healing wound is called an ulcer. 

What are the different types of wound ulcers? 

There are two main types of ulcers, including: 

Diabetic foot ulcers

Diabetic foot ulcers are quite common on the bottom of the feet, but can appear anywhere on the feet. These ulcers commonly develop for two main reasons: nerve and vascular damage, both common effects of diabetes. 

The initial wound may happen in any number of ways, such as stepping on a sharp object. You might not feel the wound because of nerve damage. Also, your wound can quickly grow worse because vascular damage decreases the blood supply around the wound. 

Venous skin ulcers

Venous skin ulcers are wounds that affect people with vascular conditions like venous insufficiency. This type of ulcer commonly appears around the ankle. 

These ulcers develop because there isn’t enough blood around the wound, which inhibits the healing process. 

When do wound ulcers require treatment?

If a wound doesn’t heal as expected, it may require specialized care. Some signs of a worsening wound include:

  • Increase in wound size
  • Change in wound shape
  • Wound deepens
  • Wound weeps fluid 
  • Wound puffiness
  • Wound color changes

How are wound ulcers treated?

Paris Foot & Ankle Clinic offers all types of wound and ulcer care. Your podiatrist determines a treatment plan based upon your underlying condition and other factors specific to you. 

Most of the time, wound and ulcer care includes wound debridement (removal of dead skin), topical medications, and dressings to keep the wound clean. Depending on the location of your wound, your podiatrist may relieve pressure using custom orthotics or other treatments.

However, in some cases, wounds or ulcers may require surgery to heal properly. Your podiatric surgeon may perform procedures with skin grafts, repair damaged tissues beneath the wound, or more during surgery to restore the skin. 

If you have a wound or ulcer and healing is difficult, call the Paris Foot & Ankle Clinic office in Paris, Texas, or use the online booking page today.