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Flat Feet services offered in Paris and Sulphur Springs, Sulphur Springs, TX

Flat feet don’t only refer to what your feet look like they’re also a foot deformity that can cause pain and instability. At Paris Foot & Ankle Clinic, Michael Lenertz, DPM, provides flat feet treatments for children and adults, ranging from custom orthotics to specialized foot surgery. To schedule a consultation, call the Paris Foot & Ankle Clinic office in Paris, Texas, or use the online booking page today.

Flat Feet Q & A

What are flat feet?

Flat feet lack a curved foot arch, so the whole foot touches the floor when you’re standing. This condition occurs in both children and adults. Flat feet usually occur in both feet, but can occasionally affect just one foot.

Flat feet don’t always cause symptoms, but when they do, it can be quite uncomfortable. Some common issues of flat feet include: 

  • Foot pain 
  • Changes in the way you walk
  • Tired-feeling feet
  • Frequent stumbling or falls

What causes flat feet?

Babies have flat feet and then normally develop arches by ages 2-3. However, about 10-20% of children never develop foot arches, so they still have flat feet in adulthood.

Some adults have normal foot arches but then develop flat feet, which is also called fallen arches or adult-acquired flat feet. Some common reasons for adult-acquired flat feet include tendon damage (posterior tibial tendon dysfunction), rheumatoid arthritis, foot trauma, and some neurological and muscular diseases. 

How are flat feet treated?

Children’s flat feet treatment 

Children with flat feet that don’t cause any symptoms may not need treatment. Well-fitted shoes may help your child avoid future problems. 

If flat feet cause problems for your child, such as pain, limping, tripping, frequent falls, or frequent toe-walking, it’s time to seek an evaluation and treatment. Your podiatrist may recommend an option like custom orthotics, which support your child’s feet as they walk to ease symptoms and correct movement patterns. 

Special foot exercises can also help a child with flat feet. If your child has persistent foot problems because of flat feet, their podiatrist might recommend surgery. 

Adult flat feet treatment

Adult flat feet treatment depends on how it affects your life, the kind of symptoms you have, and other factors specific to you. As with children, custom orthotics may be extremely helpful in relieving symptoms and correcting foot movements. 

In most cases, foot exercises are also an important part of flat feet treatment. In addition, your podiatrist may recommend a change in your footwear. However, if you have very painful flat feet or other symptoms that disrupt your life, your podiatrist may recommend surgery to rebuild your foot arches.

To learn more about flat feet treatments and discover if it’s right for you, call the Paris Foot & Ankle Clinic office in Paris, Texas, or use the online booking page today.